Nigeria, The ICT revolution and the New Frontier

In the 21st century, the dynamics of the global political economy has shifted from globe has shifted from the Agro, Industrial, Services driven economies to the ‘Knowledge-driven’ economy era, which is reflected in the development of the information, communications and technology sector.

This is why we are witnessing a surge in the market of the mobile technology, internet, information technology, software and hardware provisions as well as technology infrastructure.

Nigeria Africa’s leading economy, has become a potential hub for the ‘Knowledge economy’ revolution with the interesting analysis of about 130ml active users of mobile devices, the largest internet market in the continent with 60ml connected and a key hub in the continent for the handset and devices, mobile money and e-commerce services.
To gain further insight on the development and changes in this sector, the WebTV ‘Economy and Politics’ show features Mr Shina Badaru CEO and founder of Technology Times, in the first series of ‘Nigeria: The ICT revolution and the New Frontier’.